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Download statistics update

Update on the statistics data from the primary source. Again not included are Soundcloud downloads (some tracks there are already down due to limited space) and mirrors like which would add (in some cases substantially) to the numbers.   Releasedate Hits Traffic www001: Mefjus – “Fugly Habits” 2009-09-10 15,756 32,251,670 www002: Acid Lab – [...]

Download statistics

Below is an overview of the Internet Recordings download statistics so far (including only the data from the primary source; not the Soundcloud and Mirror downloads): Releasedate Hits Traffic www001: Mefjus – "Fugly Habits" 2009-09-10 7,758 21,349,467 www002-1: Acid Lab – "Fallen Angel" 2009-11-04 8,484 21,964,597 www002-2: Acid Lab – "Nuclear War" 2009-11-04 7,603 21,689,310 [...]