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www024: Ebene X – “Hoffen” (resurrected album from 2001)

01. “Schmerz” 02. “Neuanfang” 03. “Engel” 04. “Sehnsucht” 05. “Toleranz” 06. “Illusion” 07. “Zerfetzte Seelen” 08. “Der Vertrag” 09. “Leere Strassen” 10. “Hoffnung” Streaming in external music player: .m3u playlist file Download all-in-one (320 kbps mp3): (mirror) Download all-in-one (wav): (mirror) Artwork in higher resolution: front, back, CD label Ebene X is the [...]

www020: Jimix – “Ubiquitous Sun”

320 kbps mp3, 5:24 min: Jimix – “Ubiquitous Sun” Jimix is a complete newcomer from the Ruhr region in Germany. He is the typical bedroom producer without any public history outside of his Soundcloud profile; his only musical education came from his parents being into Blues and Psychedelic Rock. Seemingly out of nowhere he makes [...]

www010: Sublimator – “Understand EP”

320 kbps mp3, 7:02 min: Sublimator – “Snore” 320 kbps mp3, 6:44 min: Sublimator – “2nd Try” 320 kbps mp3, 5:59 min: Sublimator – “Understand” The tenth outing on Internet Recordings brings Techno and Drum & Bass together under one hat, after 11 Drum & Bass tunes on the first 8 releases and recently two [...]

www001: Mefjus – “Fugly Habits”

320 kbps mp3, 5:57 min: Mefjus – “Fugly Habits” (finished 2009-08) Mefjus is a Drum & Bass DJ and producer living in Austria. His discography as yet includes one tune on a vinyl record (“No Choice” on URBANGHETTO001 via the Austrian label Dramfank) and two digital releases (“Radix” as T-FILE019 and “Wholetrain”, a collabo with [...]