Internet Recordings is a free mp3 netlabel for various styles and subgenres of Drum & Bass and other interesting forms of electronic (dance) music.

Internet Recordings purveys legal free music releases (read: free mp3 downloads) in random intervals. These releases have catalog numbers (www001, www002…) and a common format (standardized file names and tags). The downloads are accompanied in the label blog with file info, some basic information on the artists, links to their respective homepages and/or social network profiles (if available) and sometimes pictures or even artwork. However the main focus is on music and information; the label does not even have a logo (yet).

Internet Recordings is inspired by Drum & Bass netlabels such as Plain Audio (R.I.P.), Exegene (R.I.P.), T-FREE (R.I.P.), HMSU, Zardonic and the free tunes provided by Santorin, BBC 1 Extra and many artists on their own.

The Internet in its pre-”social” form (and prior to Edward Snowden) seemed to lead up to pretty much the end of commercial music distribution. This was because the post Millenium generation growing up with internet from their early childhood and used to digital formats are not content with paying for something they can as well have for free, legal or not. Therefore netlabels would seem like the default legal music distributors of tomorrow. But time will tell…