320 kbps mp3, 6:04 min: Acid_Lab – “Quadrant Delta”
320 kbps mp3, 5:25 min: Acid_Lab – “Fear Of The Dark”

Since www002 in 2009, Acid_Lab aka Kodama aka Parametric has scored label debuts and/or second appearances on Cause 4 Concern, Santorin, Mindtech, Digitalgewitter, Golden Age, Variant Audio, Amen Brothers, Urban Poetry, Fish Recordings (r.i.p.), Break-Fast Audio, Basswerk Files and T-FREE (r.i.p.), was subject to a great moment in DOA history and finally made his vinyl debut on Alphacut Records, likely the craziest, most obscure and creative Drum & Bass related vinyl label around. And his signature oldschool sound is continuing to spread – watch out for further releases on some of the labels above and on a certain new imprint to pop up soon…

Acid_Lab links: Soundcloud, Myspace, Discogs