320 kbps mp3, 6:06 min: El Haijn – “Surface Of The Sun”
320 kbps mp3, 6:03 min: Apotheist – “The Darkness Inside” (El Haijn Remix)

El Haijn from the Ginyu Force crew is an Austrian DJ and producer known to some degree in the Drum & Bass scene as Bowsar (the artist formerly known as Bowser). He appeared as such on www004 one year ago; also on Mindtech, Black Seeds, Nocid Business, Flight, Anxiety Disorder (r.i.p.), Producer Network (r.i.p.), T3K, T-FREE, Nu:Gen and Gun Recordings.
As El Haijn he produces Dubstep and so far he has released tunes mostly on Dub Bullet, also on Twenty/Twelve Netaudio and one in the multi channel art project “2999″ of Peppermill Recordings. More releases are planned on Monkey Dub, Tripstep and Stoke Audio.

Apotheist, like El Haijn, is a member (the youngest) of the Ginyu Force crew in Vienna where they organize parties from time to time, mostly with Drum & Bass line ups. In production he focusses on Dubstep and combines it with elements of Classical Music. He as well has released some tunes on Dub Bullet and Twenty/Twelve Netaudio.

El Haijn links: Soundcloud, Myspace, Discogs
Apotheist links: Soundcloud, Myspace, Discogs, Stonefred