320 kbps mp3, 5:33 min: Kaiza + Shots – “Starkstrom”

Kaiza from Mannheim is without doubt the most active Techno-DNB artist in Germany. He was one of the first artists to systematically focus on this style together with his former studio partner amex and actually coined the term “Techno-DNB” in early 2004. He has actively shaped this music and the scene on many levels ever since its official formation in 2005, and in 2009 alone he has produced over 70 tunes together with Shots, Try and Error, Isotop, D-Struct, Bassrk, Eiton, Mefjus and other artists; plus he released over 40 of them in all formats and on numerous labels, including his own digital imprint T3K and his mother label Tilt-Recordings (& T-Files), which he co-founded in 2003, and the affiliate netlabel T-FREE. Aside from producing and releasing technoid Drum & Bass, maintaining his own label for technoid Drum & Bass and playing mostly Neurofunk and technoid Drum & Bass when being booked to events, Kaiza has been covering almost all facets of Drum & Bass in his mixes over the past years, but also Reggae/Dancehall, Dubstep, House, Techno and Hiphop. Furthermore he has been hosting the weekly and versatile Drum & Bass radio show DMF since 2001 and used to organize parties for Drum & Bass, Dubstep, Techno, House and Breaks in the Mannheim area.

Shots is a very talented and crazy producer hailing from Palatinate (near Mannheim) in Germany. He first appeared at the surface of the scene with his fulminant debut “Burning Identity” (together with his long time studio partner Isotop) on T-FREE in early 2008 and then released a handful of collaborations with Isotop and The Phalanx plus three solo tunes on Tilt-Reordings (& T-Files), T-FREE, Wayside and T3K; and he started to occasionally make tunes together with Kaiza in fall 2008. In the course of 2009, the two artists put out 6 straight collaborations and 10 more tunes together with Isotop on vinyl, digital labels and netlabels like Metafiziq, Abducted, Fish Recordings and Anxiety Disorder and of course the already mentioned Kaiza affiliated labels. And still there are many more tunes on the release schedule…

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