320 kbps mp3, 5:26 min: Acid_Lab – “Fallen Angel”
320 kbps mp3, 4:13 min: Acid_Lab – “Nuclear War”

Acid_Lab is a Drum & Bass producer from Palatinate in Germany. He is into a lot of different styles and subgenres (Techstep, Drumfunk, Liquid…) and has loved Drum & Bass since the 90s. He even started producing back then but had his debut release one decade later, in 2008. It came on the infamous Drum & Bass netlabel Darkland and was widely overlooked. Since then he has gathered a list of releases on T-FREE, Basswerk and Basswerk Files, Black Hoe, Darkstep.org and most recently Syncopathic and Break-Fast Audio. Today his tunes are played by heavyweight artists such as Equinox, Gremlinz, Loxy and Ink; and more of his tunes are forthcoming on labels such as Golden Age and Urban Poetry.

Acid_Lab links: Myspace, Discogs

The maestro himself about this release:

Hey everybody,

I got a brandnew release on Internet Recordings, a label which stands for the experimental side of Drum & Bass music. Keep the underground alive and don’t give a f*** about the mainstream.

“Fallen Angel” is a dark and sinister tune, with haunting pads and different oldschool breaks, don’t forget to mention the deep and pounding bassline.

“Nuclear War” represents the harder sound. Metallic snares combined with distorted basslines are the order of the day here.

Two very different tunes, check them out and keep dancing. Drum & Bass is the only way out here.

Peace out Acid_Lab aka Kodama