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www017: JOIX – “Mannheim EP”

320 kbps mp3, 6:49 min: JOIX – “Feuchter Traum” (2012) 320 kbps mp3, 7:21 min: JOIX – “Schlummernde Kraft” (2012) 320 kbps mp3, 5:21 min: JOIX – “Strange City” (2010, mixdown reworked 2012) JOIX is a deep Techno producer / liveact performer from Mannheim (near Heidelberg), Germany, originally from Berlin. One of his distinctive features [...]

www016: kr4y / Willem B – “b-sides LP”

Excerpt (3 of 30 tunes): 320 kbps mp3, 6:43 min: kray-zie – “Breaking Glas” (2004) 320 kbps mp3, 6:39 min: kr4y – “Turbo Encabulator” (2008) 320 kbps mp3, 7:59 min: Willem B – untitled 177f (2010) [...] Download all-in-one (30x mp3 + txt + artwork zip file): kr4y / Willem B – “b-sides LP” [www016] [...]

www015: Hoob – “Pug On Extacy”

320 kbps mp3, 4:52 min: Hoob – “Pug On Extacy” (Radio Version) 320 kbps mp3, 4:52 min: Hoob – “Pug On Extacy” (DJ-Version) Internet Recordings is proud to present this piece (in two versions) by Hoob, a producer/DJ from Austria who has been passionate about music from his childhood on. Later he studied instruments, composition [...]

www014: Jumpat – “Bones EP”

320 kbps mp3, 6:49 min: Jumpat – “Newskull” 320 kbps mp3, 5:38 min: Jumpat – “Skeletor” Jumpat from Cologne, Germany, had been deejaying the oldschool way for almost a decade, with additional Turntablism skills, playing exceptionally tight Drum & Bass sets and beeing successful in this respect (= getting booked) when he began to accumulate [...]

www013: Budoka – “Yellow Cake”

320 kbps mp3, 6:26 min: Budoka – “Yellow Cake” Budoka, based in Darmstadt near Frankfurt in Germany, is a passionate music freak, producer, DJ, musician, occasional event promoter, co-owner of the defunct Drum & Bass label Tilt-Recordings, founding member of the Phishmaol Crew of (g)olden days (together with his brother DJ Malice, forgotten genius Rayman, [...]

www012: Benou – “Born Ready”

320 kbps mp3, 5:15 min: Benou – “Born Ready” Internet Recordings goes into 2012 with www012 by Benou, a french producer, DJ, musician and promoter coming from the french Metal and freeparty scene. He performed and released an EP and an album with the band Cubensis, released three Hardtechno 12″ vinyl singles (two in 2006 [...]

www011: Acid_Lab – “Quadrant Delta” / “Fear Of The Dark”

320 kbps mp3, 6:04 min: Acid_Lab – “Quadrant Delta” 320 kbps mp3, 5:25 min: Acid_Lab – “Fear Of The Dark” Since www002 in 2009, Acid_Lab aka Kodama aka Parametric has scored label debuts and/or second appearances on Cause 4 Concern, Santorin, Mindtech, Digitalgewitter, Golden Age, Variant Audio, Amen Brothers, Urban Poetry, Fish Recordings (r.i.p.), Break-Fast [...]

www010: Sublimator – “Understand EP”

320 kbps mp3, 7:02 min: Sublimator – “Snore” 320 kbps mp3, 6:44 min: Sublimator – “2nd Try” 320 kbps mp3, 5:59 min: Sublimator – “Understand” The tenth outing on Internet Recordings brings Techno and Drum & Bass together under one hat, after 11 Drum & Bass tunes on the first 8 releases and recently two [...]

www009: El Haijn – “Surface Of The Sun” / Apotheist – “The Darkness Inside” (El Haijn Remix)

320 kbps mp3, 6:06 min: El Haijn – “Surface Of The Sun” 320 kbps mp3, 6:03 min: Apotheist – “The Darkness Inside” (El Haijn Remix) El Haijn from the Ginyu Force crew is an Austrian DJ and producer known to some degree in the Drum & Bass scene as Bowsar (the artist formerly known as [...]

www008: Synode + Hench – “Sulaco”

320 kbps mp3, 7:08 min: Synode + Hench – “Sulaco” Synode (producer) and Hench (producer/DJ) are two good friends living in the city of Khabarovsk in Russia. After some years of working on their production skills and experimenting with sounds and styles, including mostly Drum & Bass, Breaks, Dubstep and Hip Hop, these young hedonists [...]