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www027: Meta4 – “Scatterstep EP”

320 kbps mp3, 4:11 min: Meta4 – “Scatterbrain” 320 kbps mp3, 5:30 min: Meta4 – “Scatterbrained” 320 kbps mp3, 4:51 min: Meta4 – “Dadstep 1.0″ Meta4 aka Tom Spragg from Southampton is an old dog teaching himself new tricks. He used to release Techno and Minimal Hardcore in the early/mid 90s in groups such as [...]

www026: Sunder – “Rise Up”

320 kbps mp3, 4:55 min: Sunder – “Rise Up” Sunder is one of the busier Adam Millses in London, but he originally stems from Chelmsford, Essex (where Britain’s smallest cathedral is currently still standing). His is a classic Drum & Bass background, in that he began by pursuing a classic non-electronic music hobby. He started [...]

www025: AK aka Aljosha Konstanty – “Unspoken Words” / “Dead Ringer”

320 kbps mp3, 4:30 min: AK (aka Aljosha Konstanty) – “Unspoken Words” 320 kbps mp3, 3:29 min: AK (aka Aljosha Konstanty) – “Dead Ringer” AK aka Aljosha Konstanty, born 1998 in The Netherlands, is an underaged, German, somewhat British and selfproclaimed Drum & Bass musician and online radio DJ with roots in Kassel. He started [...]

www024: Ebene X – “Hoffen” (resurrected album from 2001)

01. “Schmerz” 02. “Neuanfang” 03. “Engel” 04. “Sehnsucht” 05. “Toleranz” 06. “Illusion” 07. “Zerfetzte Seelen” 08. “Der Vertrag” 09. “Leere Strassen” 10. “Hoffnung” Streaming in external music player: .m3u playlist file Download all-in-one (320 kbps mp3): (mirror) Download all-in-one (wav): (mirror) Artwork in higher resolution: front, back, CD label Ebene X is the [...]

www023: Vector Burn – “Ghost Maps” LP

Vol I: 00. Intro: U Believe In Ghosts (2014) 01. Vector Burn – “Cyan” (1999) 02. Vector Burn – “Graphite” (1999) 03. Vector Burn – “Lens Flare” (2000) 04. Vector Burn – “Lens Flare” Mercury Mix (2000) 05. Vector Burn – “Frostbite” (2000) 06. Vector Burn – “Frozen Light” Techno Mix (2000) 07. Vector Burn [...]

www022: Vector Burn – “Ghost Maps” LP Sampler

320 kbps mp3, 5:23 min: Vector Burn – “Spider Garden” 320 kbps mp3, 7:46 min: Vector Burn – “JamOnIt” 320 kbps mp3, 7:42 min: Vector Burn – “Seven Thorns” (sampler exclusive; wav included in the zip file) –> Bonus: remix sample packs (sampler exclusive; wavs included in the zip file) Download (all-in-one zip file): [...]

www021: johannesvanbebber feat. loom – “subpen & gruenzeug EP”

320 kbps mp3, 7:09 min: johannesvanbebber feat. loom – “maulwurfkolonie” 320 kbps mp3, 6:17 min: johannesvanbebber – “das prinzip sirup oder die utopie des sozialistischen staates” 320 kbps mp3, 8:42 min: loom feat. johannesvanbebber – “maulwurfkolonie” (loom Remix) johannesvanbebber and loom (together: aka Manosonique) from Mannheim (Germany) are of the new generation of digital music [...]

www020: Jimix – “Ubiquitous Sun”

320 kbps mp3, 5:24 min: Jimix – “Ubiquitous Sun” Jimix is a complete newcomer from the Ruhr region in Germany. He is the typical bedroom producer without any public history outside of his Soundcloud profile; his only musical education came from his parents being into Blues and Psychedelic Rock. Seemingly out of nowhere he makes [...]

www019: Noya – “Nine Six”

320 kbps mp3, 6:59 min: Noya – “Nine Six” Noya is an Italian DJ who came to Drum & Bass in 2003 after having been a drummer in several bands. He started to produce tunes (using a combination of hardware and software), contributed to the formation of the north Italian Drum & Bass scene via [...]

www018: Acid_Lab – “Sounds From The Lab EP”

320 kbps mp3, 5:58 min: Acid_Lab pres. Kodama – “Radius” 320 kbps mp3, 5:29 min: Acid_Lab – “Warpath” 320 kbps mp3, 5:58 min: Acid_Lab – “Autumn Days” 320 kbps mp3, 5:35 min: Acid_Lab – “Insider” Since www011 in 2011, Acid_Lab aka Kodama aka Parametric has not at all slowed down with several more EPs and [...]